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We play a game called BOOM!  In this game, the teacher writes the spelling words for the week on popsicle sticks and sticks them in a cup with a ratio of 5 spelling word sticks to one BOOM! stick…(so if you have 15 spelling words, you would have three sticks with the word BOOM! on them.  To play, each student takes a turn blindly drawing a popsicle stick.  Without looking, they hand it to you and then you ask them to spell the word.  If they spell it correctly, they get to keep the stick, if they spell it wrong, no stick and the one drawn goes back into the cup to be spelled by someone else later.  However, if the student pulls one of the sticks that says BOOM! they have to put all of the sticks that they have collected thus far back into the cup!   I also do this game for sight words and vocabulary.  The kids LOVE it!

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Word Jump

Word jump is a physical classroom spelling game to help students remember their spelling words.

The teacher writes a few spelling words on a piece of paper and places them on the floor. The goal is to have students see how many words they can jump on correctly when the teacher says the word. For example, the teacher would say the word “fox” and students would look on the ground and have to be the first to jump on that word.

Try and incorporate as many classroom spelling games into your weekly schedule as you possibly can. Not only are they beneficial for students, but they are give students something to look forward to. Games are fun!

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