Darren Johnson

Darren Johnson (aka the Primary Ninja)

Hello. I’m Darren Johnson. Thank you for reading my teaching portfolio.

I am a Primary School teacher in Queensland, Australia. I have a wealth of life experience and a passion for learning, sharing and social justice issues. I enjoy interacting with children of all ages and derive great satisfaction helping students achieve their learning goals.

I believe the classroom should be a fun, inclusive and relaxed environment where hard work and cooperation are expected and students feel comfortable to express themselves and make mistakes. To achieve this the teacher must model procedures and behaviours, fairly enforce classroom rules and treat all students with dignity and respect.

I love ICT, karate, reading, writing, Science (Graduate Certificate in Science), learning in all forms (including professional learning), soccer coaching (grassroots certified with Football Australia) and playing my electric guitar.

I have extensively researched differentiated instruction to cater for the needs of a diverse classroom.

Please read more about my teaching journey through the links below:

Standard 1 Know Students and how they Learn

Standard 2: Know the Content and How to Teach it

Standard 3: Plan Effective Teaching and Learning

Standard 4: Create and Maintain Supportive and Safe Learning Environments

Standard 5: Assess, provide feedback and report on student learning

Standard 6: Engage in Professional Learning

Standard 7: Engage Professionally with Colleagues, Parents and the Community