Fun Classroom Game: Bug in a Rug


Another fun classroom game is Bug in a Rug.

This is similar to “Doggy doggy where’s my bone?” except we’re hiding a child instead of an object.

Create a circle and have one student step outside or hide their eyes. Select a student to hide in the middle under a blanket. The person comes in from outside and guesses who is under the blanket. They have three guesses.

If they get it wrong and they are struggling … you can ask them if they want a clue. If they say yes, you can get the person under the rug to say hello and see if they guess with their voice. If that doesn’t work, you can start revealing the person. Let them see their shoes, or a small portion of their head. Eventually they figure it out.

The child who guesses sits down and the child under the rug has a turn at going out and then guessing.
There is a song that goes with it to……you all tap your knees …..and when you’ve just covered the child and have invited the waiting child to come back the jingle goes “somebody’s hiding under the rug…somebody is hiding under the rug – who could it be? – who could it be? somebody is hiding under the rug?…..bun in a rug!!!”

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